Increase Your Efficiency with Quick Text

Why type the same message 20 times when you can insert predefined messages, like greetings, notes, and answers to common questions. You can use quick text on all standard and custom objects in the following supported quick actions: Email, Log a Call, Social, and Live Agent chats. Previously, quick text was available only in Salesforce Classic. Quick text is enabled by default in Lightning Experience.
The shortcut to use quick text in Lightning Experience isn’t the same as in Salesforce Classic.
  • In Lightning Experience, press Ctrl+. on Windows and Cmd+. on macOS.
  • In Salesforce Classic, use ;; on both Windows and macOS.

If you used quick text in Salesforce Classic, your messages work in Lightning Experience. To keep things easy for you, we made sure that Lightning Experience inherits the permissions you gave to users in Salesforce Classic to create, read, update, and delete quick text. If you’ve never used quick text before, give your users create, update, and delete permission on quick text.

We recommend that you add the Quick Text item to your app so that your users can track and manage all their quick text in one place. To add it to your app, use the App Manager in Setup.

To create quick text, click New on the quick text list view. Screen shot of a list view with quick text

When you create quick text you give it a name, specify the text you want to reuse, and choose a category and channel. The category groups common quick text and the channel determines where you can use it. For example, if you create a greeting for emails, select the Greetings category and the Email channel.

To personalize the quick text, you can add merge fields to the message. For example, create a greeting with the Contact.FirstName merge field to use a contact’s name. You can insert merge fields for the following objects: accounts, cases, contacts, custom objects, leads, opportunities, organization, users, and work orders. Keep these things in mind when adding merge fields to quick text.
  • When merge fields don’t apply to the record you’re working with, the merge field resolves blank. For example, quick text with the Case.CaseNumber merge field resolves correctly in a case’s Log a Call action. However, that same merge field resolves blank when inserting quick text on a work order’s Log a Call action.
  • In Live Agent chats, you can only use merge fields for the following objects: account, case, contact, and lead.

To preview what a message with merge fields looks like, click Preview on the New Quick Text page or the record page for existing messages. Then select your specific records.Screen shot of the preview function for quick text

So are you ready to use quick text? Press Ctrl+. on Windows and Cmd+. on macOS. Then select the quick text you want to insert. Screen shot of the quick text browser

You can search your quick text to find exactly what you need. If your search results only find one item, simply press Enter to insert the message.