Let All Forecast Users Adjust Their Own Forecasts with Flexible Forecast Adjustments

Collaborative Forecasts continues to get better. Reps now have the power to make adjustments to their own forecasts without changing the underlying opportunity value. And sales managers can save time by adjusting the rolled up forecast number instead of each individual forecast number for every rep.
Available in: Professional (no Opportunity Splits or Custom Field forecasts), Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Forecast adjustments make forecasting more flexible by allowing users to make changes to forecast rollup amounts. This lets users adapt their forecasts to revenue or quantity changes they foresee that are not yet reflected in the rollup. For example, forecast managers may have sales reps who report to them who consistently under- or over-estimate the final amounts of their opportunities. These managers can adjust those subordinates’ forecast amounts to account for these anticipated discrepancies.

Now in Spring ’15, administrators can allow all forecast users, including both sales reps and managers, to adjust their own forecast amounts. This broader adjustment capability lets users adapt their forecasts in more situations. For example, if a manager anticipates that final revenue amounts will be higher than the current forecast, but they aren’t sure which of their subordinates will be responsible for the difference, they can adjust their own Best Case forecast amount rather than adjusting an individual subordinate’s forecast. Similarly, if a sales rep anticipates that her Commit forecast amount will come in higher, but isn’t sure which opportunities will provide the additional revenue, she can adjust her own Commit forecast amount. Sales Managers can only adjust their forecast totals, not the subtotal for My Opportunities.

Keep in mind that adding an adjustment doesn't change the underlying gross rollup of opportunities—it just adds a layer of detail, which can be changed or removed later.



If your organization uses product family forecasts, users can’t adjust their own product family forecast amounts.