Create and Manage Processes More Efficiently

We’ve updated the Process Builder to make it more usable. Now you can view and sort your processes, expand and collapse actions, and more.
Sort Your List of Processes
From the updated process management page, you can sort your processes by name, description, object, last modified date, or status.
Expand and Collapse Actions on the Canvas
Sometimes you don’t want to see all the details of a process. Now you can expand or collapse actions on the Process Builder’s canvas with the new Expand All and Collapse All buttons.
See What You’re Editing on the Canvas
When you open a node on the canvas, that node is highlighted with a blue border so you always know what you’re working on.Screenshot of highlighted action node
Process Status Simplified
We’ve deprecated three of the possible statuses for processes: Draft, Obsolete, and InvalidDraft. Instead, processes are either Active or Inactive. If an existing process is set to Draft, Obsolete, or InvalidDraft, the status will be updated to Inactive.
Find and Enter Values More Easily
Previously, when you entered values, you couldn’t see a list of all available options. Now, when you enter values, you can either:
  • Type to search for a specific value
  • Click Screenshot of drop-down list icon next to the field to browse all available options
The names of values now appear as field labels instead of unique API names.
Use Multi-Select Picklist Fields
Previously, you couldn't select multiple values for any fields. Now you can do so for fields that accept more than one value. For example, if an action creates a record and the record has a multi-select field, you can select multiple values for the multi-select field. Multipicklist values can be moved between the Available and Selected columns
Get More Information When You’re Getting Started
When you start using the Process Builder and have no processes, the process management page now displays some helpful links.