Find and Endorse People Knowledgeable about a Topic

Use the Knowledgeable People section on the topic detail page to discover who is knowledgeable about that topic. You can also endorse people you think are knowledgeable about a topic.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer Editions

The topic page shows the five most knowledgeable people on that topic based on their activity on the topic and recognition received for the topic. For example, Chatter considers how often people:
  • Were mentioned in posts or in comments on posts with the topic
  • Received likes on comments on posts with the topic
  • Received endorsements for the topic

    Endorsements are a strong signal of knowledge, so if someone endorses you, you’re automatically included in the list of knowledgeable people.

Knowledgeable People on topic detail pageTo see the full list of knowledgeable people, click Endorse People. If you’re included in the knowledgeable people list and don’t want to be, opt out by clicking Hide me under your name. No one can see you in the list after you hide yourself. If you change your mind, you can opt back in by clicking Endorse People and then Show me next to your name and Done.

Endorse someone you think is knowledgeable about a topic by clicking Endorse under the person’s name. If the person you want to endorse doesn’t appear in the Knowledgeable People section, click Endorse People to see the full list and to search for other people. You can’t endorse yourself, Chatter Free users, or customers. You can remove your endorsement of someone at any time by clicking Remove endorsement next to Endorsed under the person’s name. Removing your endorsement of someone doesn’t necessarily remove them from the knowledgeable people list because they might be endorsed by other people or have sufficient activity on the topic.

Knowledgeable people are calculated and updated once a day.