Dynamically Control Quote Fields Shown in the Quote Line Editor

Tailor the quote fields that you show in the quote line editor dynamically so sales reps see only the fields that they need. You save sales reps time and avoid extraneous information by showing quote fields that are relevant to specific business units, products, or territories. Create a custom field to dynamically show or hide quote field sets, and use a picklist or formula to manage the field sets.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in all Salesforce CPQ editions.

Why: For example, Sales Team A sells subscription products, and Sales Team B sells one-time products. Using the custom field to dynamically control the quote field set, you can show quote fields on the quote line editor tailored to each sales team’s product type. Sales Team A sees quote fields related to subscription products, such as start date, end date, and subscription term. Sales Team B sees the quote fields relevant to one-time products.

How: Create a custom field and enter a name. In the API name field, replace the auto-populated name with HeaderFieldSetName.

To give users control of the fields that are displayed, set the field type to picklist. Populate the options with the API names of field sets. Add the new custom field to your field set and save. The user’s field set is displayed in the header section of the quote line editor. Make sure to add the custom field to all quote field sets.

To control the fields that are displayed with a formula, set the field type to formula. Create a formula to resolve to the API name of the field set. Use the API name for the field sets that include the quote fields that you want to show, and ensure that it returns a text string. Add the new custom field to your field set and save.