Preview and Test an Email in Lightning Experience

Users can preview and test emails from the email content record. Before sending an email to a large recipient list, do a trial run by sending it to a test list or individual email addresses. Preview and troubleshoot possible personalization issues by previewing as specific recipients.

Where: This change applies to all Pardot editions in Lightning Experience with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions. It is not available in Pardot Classic or the standalone Pardot app.

Who: Pardot users with the Access Drag-and-Drop Content Builder and Manage Email Content user permissions can preview and test email content. To preview and test emails, users also need the Pardot permissions View Prospect and View Segmentation Lists to preview and test emails.

How: From an email content record, marketers select to preview as a prospect or send a test email to a list or selected individuals.

Preview As and Test highlighted from the email content record.