Source Images from Salesforce CMS for Emails

Give users the power to quickly select images for email marketing content and templates from Salesforce CMS. No need to bother with separate file hosting or copy-and-paste errors when you turn on CMS to use with email content and templates. After you enable and configure the connection, users can access repositories at the click of a button.

Where: This change applies to all Pardot editions in Lightning Experience with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions. It is not available in Pardot Classic or the standalone Pardot app.

How: To use CMS images in Pardot emails, you must have a verified Salesforce-Pardot Connector and be using Connected Campaigns and Handlebars Merge Language. After these requirements are met, you can configure the CMS connection and permissions in Salesforce Setup. Add a domain, create or select a workspace and channel in CMS, and then designate a channel to use.


Users of Professional Edition can now create a custom domain for use with Salesforce CMS and Pardot email. During setup, you can select only the Salesforce CMS Content Delivery Network (CDN) option. Creating custom domains for other uses and methods remains limited to Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

When designing email content, drag an image block onto the canvas, and click Select from CMS. Select an image, or click Add Content to insert an image. If the connected channel is used in more than one CMS workspace, click the workspace title to select another one and access different images. CMS images are available in image and HTML components, the rich-text editor, and the background.

The Image Content element shows Image URL field and a Select from CMS button.