Manage Your Pages and URLs with the Pages Menu

Now it’s easier to organize and restructure your pages and page URLs in Experience Builder. Edit your pages to suit your content needs with the Pages menu and see these updates in your live site’s URL.

Where: This change applies to Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

How: In Experience Builder, navigate to the Pages menu panel. Create your own page hierarchy (1) in seconds when you open the Page Action menu (2) and click Add Subpage.

Pages Menu and Page Action Menu

Build out your site’s hierarchy with up to six page levels by nesting a standard, object, or content page under an existing page.

Manage the URLs for each page after creating your page hierarchy. Click Page Settings from the Page Action menu to edit the page’s properties, including the page name and URL. You can change your page hierarchy at any time by clicking Move Page from the Page Action menu. No need to worry about the URL because your subpage URL automatically updates to reflect your changes.

Edit Page URL for subpage

The site URL for each page reflects the structure you set up in Experience Builder when you share the live site with your users.

Live site with page URL structure