Scan a Barcode in a Lightning Web Component (Beta)

Use the BarcodeScanner API to add barcode scanning to your Lightning web components. Scan UPC, QR, and other standard barcode types from Lightning components running on a mobile device. Look up product details, record inventory scans, save contact details from a conference badge—your code, your way!

Where: This feature is available in Lightning web components when they’re running in the Salesforce mobile app or Mobile Publisher.

Why: Improvements to the BarcodeScanner API in this release include the following.
  • Added resumeCapture() to allow continuous scanning of multiple barcodes.
  • Increased control over the scanning user experience.
  • Improved error handling and error responses.
How: Using BarcodeScanner in your Lightning web component is straightforward.
  1. Import BarcodeScanner into your component definition.
  2. Test to make sure BarcodeScanner is available before you call scanning lifecycle functions.
  3. Use the scanning lifecycle functions to start and stop scanning.

For complete details, see Scan Barcodes on a Mobile Device in the Lightning Web Components Developer Guide.