Customize Healthcare Apps for Use Cases with Einstein Analytics for Healthcare Enhancements

The Einstein Analytics for Healthcare app now is customizable by use case. You can install only the dashboards for the data you use in your org and nothing extra.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce app in Enterprise and Unlimited editions where Health Cloud is enabled. Analytics for Healthcare is only for Salesforce Health Cloud users.

Who: To create an app from the Einstein Analytics for Healthcare template, you must also have the Healthcare Analytics Plus add-on license.

Why: Customize the data you want to see in your Analytics for Healthcare template by choosing to install the Care Plans, Care Requests, Referrals, Patients, and Surgical Visits use cases. If you aren’t using one or more of these use cases in your Salesforce org, you can leave it out to get a clear view of the data you want to see. Enhancements to the Referrals dashboards let you choose between days and hours while filtering open referrals.

How: In Analytics Studio, click Create and choose App. Find and select Analytics for Healthcare. Then follow the instructions in the wizard to create your app. Use the Custom selection in the wizard to customize the use cases in your app.