Display Survey Pages Based on Your Data

Let data in your Salesforce org determine which survey page participants view next. Use variables to define conditions in your page branching logic. Use associated record merge field variables and participant record merge field variables to define field-level conditions. Use org variables to define conditions based on your org's information. Use custom variables to define conditions based on values that you define.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Performance, Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited editions where Salesforce Surveys is enabled.

Who: To create page branching logic based on field values, users need the Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, available with the Salesforce Feedback Management license.

How: Open a survey, click Advanced Settings, and select Merge Field Variables. Select the associated object and the participant object. Define one or more org variables, and your custom variables. Click Back to Builder. Click Page branching logic on the page you want to create page branching logic for. Select a logic type, and then select either a merge field or a variable. Provide the value to validate the logic against.

Page branching logic modal.