Be More Efficient with the Actions Launcher Redesign

Working on iOS and Android is easier with the updated Actions launcher. The Actions launcher’s look and feel is now the same across platforms, giving users a consistent experience, no matter their device. Section headers make it faster to find what you’re looking for when navigating through actions lists.

Where: This change applies to Field Service for iOS and Android.

How: Tap, swipe, or slide the Actions launcher to open to a half screen.

iOS showing the actions launcher opened to a half screen Android actions laucher opened to a half screen.

Repeat the gesture to expand to a full screen.

Actions for work orders opened to a full screen. Android actions launcher open to a full screen.

You can also tap the options menu icon to open a menu for tasks related to an action item.

iOS options menu with a callout. Android options menu with a callout.

Section headers organize actions by object type, for example, service appointments or work orders. More Actions lists actions not associated with an object type.

Opened list of actions