Break Up Your Record Details with Dynamic Forms (Generally Available)

Dynamic Forms is the next step in the evolution of Lightning record pages. It adds the ability to configure record detail fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder. This feature, which is now generally available and enabled for everyone, includes some changes since the beta release.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: The more fields on your page layout, the more that the Record Detail component becomes a monolithic block of fields that you can’t customize. With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections from your page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder. Then, you can configure them just like the rest of the components on the page, and give users only the fields and sections that they need.

Add Fields to the Lightning App Buider using Dynamic Forms

How: Dynamic Forms is now enabled for everyone! As a result, you see new features available in the Lightning App Builder. A new Fields tab in the component palette contains Field and Field Section components, which are the building blocks for Dynamic Forms. And as you configure fields and sections, you get help from in-app tips, created just for Dynamic Forms-driven pages.

How do you get started? Open an existing record page in the Lightning App Builder, then click Upgrade Now from the Record Detail properties pane to launch the Dynamic Forms migration wizard. With only a few clicks, the wizard adds fields and field sections to the page for you.Dynamic Forms upgrade button in Lightning App Builder

Migration isn’t the only path, however. You can also build your pages from scratch. Create a fresh Lightning record page, then drag fields and sections anywhere you want onto the page.



Dynamic Forms is supported on record pages for custom objects only.

Changes Since Beta:
  • Dynamic Forms is now on for everyone in supported editions. The ability to turn it on and off for your org from the Record Page Settings node in Setup is removed.
  • Universally required fields moved to their own section of the palette and have distinctive icons.
  • Packaging is now supported for pages that contain Dynamic Forms components (Field, Field Section).
  • Enhanced support for Dynamic Forms during edit, create, and clone.
  • Several limitations and known issues are resolved.