Salesforce Einstein: Build Bots Faster with Templates, Make Opportunity Scoring More Relevant with Filters, and Search Personalization Is Generally Available

Bots are faster to build and more collaborative with intent model enhancements. Opportunity Scoring has filters to let you decide which records and fields are considered. Personalization tailors search results to the way each user works in Salesforce.

Learn about these Einstein features and more!

Salesforce Overall

Einstein Search: Personalization (Generally Available), Easier Setup at the Org Level, Improved Natural Language Search (Beta)

Personalization is now generally available. Enable this feature and all other features at the org level with just a few clicks. Get better natural language searches (beta) now that common words are ignored, and go ahead and rename an object supported by natural language search. Einstein Search can find it.


Einstein Bots: Everyone Can Bot with Intro Template, Intent Model Enhancements, and New Permissions

This Einstein Bots release is all about bringing more bots to more people. Get started with Bots faster by creating a bot from a template in Guided Setup. Build robust intent models with Input Recommender, and invite more team members to build and manage your intent model with enhanced permissions. We’re adding three new languages and innovative accessibility features to Map View. And you can add custom context variables to your bot to capture important incoming information about your customers.


Sales Cloud Einstein: More Control of the Opportunity Scoring Model, Global Models for Lead Scoring, and Big Improvements to Einstein Activity Capture

When setting up Einstein Opportunity Scoring, choose to have Einstein look only at certain opportunity records and custom fields. Use Einstein Lead Scoring even when you don’t have enough data of your own. And get more out of Einstein Activity Capture with new connection and configuration options.


Einstein Visit Recommendations: Plan Visits to the Right Stores at the Right Time

Sales managers can stop worrying about which stores their sales reps must visit next because Einstein does it for them. Visit recommendations are based on and tailored to address your unique business requirements. Create one or more strategies based on your business requirements in Einstein Next Best Action.


Einstein Discovery: Custom Improvements Text, Predict Outcomes in Process Automation Formulas, High Cardinality

Customize user prompts for improvements. Use the new Predict function to get predictions in process automation formulas. Determine whether your data has a normal distribution with the new QQ plot.


Einstein Builders: Deliver Personalized Recommendations (Beta), Test Your Prediction’s Performance, and Show Confidence Range and Top Predictors on Records for Numeric Predictions

Einstein Recommendation Builder delivers personalized, AI-driven recommendations of anything to anyone. Einstein Prediction Builder supports record-level insights for numeric predictions.


Einstein Vision and Language: Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing

Not a data scientist or machine-learning expert but still want to integrate AI into your apps? Use the Einstein Vision and Language APIs to easily AI-enable your apps with image recognition and natural language processing. Using the Einstein Vision APIs, you can leverage pre-trained classifiers or train custom classifiers to solve a vast array of image recognition use cases. With the Einstein Language APIs, you can harness the power of natural language processing to analyze text and infer the sentiment or intent behind the text. Make your apps smarter and look like a genius at the same time.