Encrypt Your Customers’ Insurance Information

When customers rely on you for insurance coverage, they share some of their most personal and sensitive information with you. Add another layer of security to that sensitive data with Shield Platform Encryption. You can encrypt information about a range of life events, insurance policies, claims, and related details with either probabilistic or deterministic encryption schemes.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions that have both Financial Services Cloud and Shield Platform Encryption enabled.

Why: When you encrypt insurance data with Shield Platform Encryption, you add strong encryption at rest to customer information in these fields.
Business Milestone
  • Milestone Name
  • Claim Number
  • Incident Site
  • Report Number
Customer Property
  • Address
  • Lien Holder Name
Insurance Policy
  • Policy Number
  • Servicing Office
  • Universal Policy Number
Person Life Event
  • Event Name
Securities Holding
  • Name

How: On the Encryption Policy page in Setup, click Encrypt Fields. Then click Edit and select a field. You can apply either the probabilistic or deterministic encryption scheme to the field.