Reuse Content Across Campaign Emails with Snippets

Snippets give your users the power of content reuse. When your company promotes a series of webinars or other recurring events, your marketers probably have to create many similar promotional emails. With Snippets, they can create a robust block of text, images, and links and pull it into email or email templates. Next time they make changes, they only have to update the snippet, and the email and email templates inherit the changes.

Where: This change applies to all Pardot editions with the Pardot Lightning app.

Why: After you create a snippet, you can use it over and over. To create a snippet, open a connected campaign. From the Snippet Assignments related list, create a snippet assignment and the new snippet record. From there, use the editor to enter the new snippet content.

Edit Snippet modal shows several fields including the Value content area and Description.

After you save a snippet, it becomes available on the Snippets tab where it can be edited or deleted. Then use Handlebars Merge Language (HML) to pull the snippet into an email or email template. Snippets are available in the HML merge field picker.

Merge field picker modal appears with Snippet selected on the left pane and a list of associated snippets on the right.

How: To let users create and manage snippets, add the Snippet tab and related lists to record pages. Add the Assignments related list to snippet records and the Snippet Assignments related list to campaigns.