Review Campaign Insights in a Custom Report

Wouldn’t it be great to see all the performance-driving factors that Einstein Campaign Insights digs up? Build a custom report from these valuable insights to find your own trends and themes in the data. For example, draw connections between a high-performing campaign and the industry or location of its members, or find out which marketing assets people engage with most.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Pardot Advanced with Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

How: Several new fields are available to help you build the right custom report. You can combine fields at the insight level, such asset ID, with specific rationale values, including job title, industry, and state. Here’s the list of available fields.
Campaign Insights
Campaign ID
Insights Type
Trend Type
Asset Field 1 (Email Subject)
Marketing Asset ID (or Name)
Insight Rationales
Campaign Insight ID
Parent ID
Insights Type
Email Title Phrase
Job Title

Asset Field 1 refers to an email subject. Marketing Asset ID shows the asset name when it’s available. When no name is available, it shows a unique identifier.