See How Often Sales Reps Are Using Pricing Guidance

View the effectiveness of your pricing guidance with fields that show whether sales reps viewed the guidance and whether they accepted its target discount. When used in reports, the fields help you see where pricing guidance was used and evaluate whether it improved sales.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in Salesforce CPQ.

Who: Pricing Guidance is available for Salesforce CPQ+ users. The Create Pricing Guidance page is available for Salesforce CPQ+ users with an Einstein Analytics Plus or CPQ Einstein Analytics license.

How: Add the Viewed field and the Guidanced Used field to the quote line pricing guidance page layout.
Salesforce CPQ selects the Viewed field when a sales rep clicks a quote line’s Pricing Guidance icon, then saves or quick saves the quote.
Guidance Used
Salesforce CPQ selects the Guidance Used field when a sales rep applies an additional discount that matches the Target Discount value on the quote line’s pricing guidance.
For an easy way to review pricing guidance usage in a report, we recommend including the Guidance Used field in your Group Rows.

A sample pricing guidance report

See quote lines where pricing guidance wasn’t available (1), where pricing guidance wasn’t used (2), and where pricing guidance was used (3).