Salesforce Billing: Save Credit Cards and Accept Payments in Communities and Lightning Pages

Managing customer payment information and staying PCI-compliant can be stressful. Use the new Hosted Card Payments component to let customers safely send and save credit card information from your communities and Lightning pages.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Salesforce Billing.

Who: You need Salesforce CPQ to install Salesforce Billing. Some subscriptions offer this package for an extra cost. For pricing, contact your Salesforce account executive.

To use the component, log a case with Salesforce CPQ & Salesforce Billing support to select the Enable Billing HPP component functionality.

Why: The Hosted Card Payments component sends customer payment information to Salesforce Billing, which then passes it to the payment gateway. The gateway sends its response back to Salesforce Billing and the component, so you don’t have to handle any sensitive customer data. Developers can customize the component’s required fields, hidden fields and labels, and enable admins to customize component fields and labels as well.

A sample save card component (first image) and sample card payment component (second image)

For example, a developer can configure a component to save credit card and billing address information for future use (1). Or, they can configure it to receive payments with credit card information (2).

How: Before you can add the Hosted Card Payments component (API name: force:cardPayment) to communities and Lightning pages, a developer must configure the component. Then, add the component to your communities or Lightning pages. If your developer allowed for you to edit the component, use the properties pane to configure fields and labels.