Secure Guest Users’ Record Access with a New Setting

Secure the access that unauthenticated guest users have to your org’s data with the Secure guest user record access setting. When enabled, guest users’ org-wide defaults are set to Private for all objects, and you can’t change this access level. You also can’t add guest users to groups or queues or manually share records with them. You can grant record access only with new guest user sharing rules.

Where: This change applies to all communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: This feature is available in early September.

Why: Restricting guest users’ default access to your org’s data is a Salesforce security best practice. While we strongly recommend that you enable this setting, changing sharing settings can affect your guest users’ ability to access records. Test all changes in a sandbox environment to see the effects on data sharing and visibility before you change your implementation in production.

How: From Setup, enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box, and select Sharing Settings. Select Secure guest user record access.