Make Files on Records Visible to Customers

You share records with customers in your communities, and now you can decide which files customers can see on those records. By default, files on records aren’t visible to customers in communities. Use the new Customer Access option on a file’s sharing detail page to choose when customers can see the file.

Where: This change applies to Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: Users with collaborator or owner access to the file can change the Customer Access option. Users with view-only access to the file have read-only access to the Customer Access Option. External users can’t see this option.

How: On Files home in Salesforce, from the row-level action list or file preview, click Share. To see where the file is shared, in the sharing detail window, expand the Who Can Access section. The customer access option is visible in the sharing detail of any file shared with a record.

Screenshot of sharing screen with customer access toggle

To set the sharing level, in the picklist next to the toggle, select Viewer to give the customer view access to the file. If you choose Set by Record, then the customer’s file access depends on their record access. View access on the record provides view access to the file, and edit access on the record provides collaborator access on the file.

The Customer Access option isn’t available to files shared with users, groups, workspaces, communities, or orgs.



You can only share files to records from the record using the Files related list or posting in the record’s feed.