Harness the Power of Salesforce CMS (Generally Available)

Salesforce CMS is now generally available with an updated design and some new options. Localize your content, create your own custom content types, and make content available to B2B Commerce managed packages and communities created with Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce. Check out Salesforce CMS in the App Launcher.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Salesforce CMS is available via Lightning and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities.

Who: To access Salesforce CMS and create content, you must be a Salesforce admin or have a contributor role in that CMS workspace. To add a community as a channel to a CMS workspace, you must have admin privileges in that community. To organize and publish content in a community, you must have appropriate privileges in that community.

Why: When getting Salesforce CMS ready for prime time, we've put on some finishing touches.
  • Content isn't just for Lightning communities anymore. Get content created and managed in Salesforce CMS using Chatter REST API or Apex and add it to Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities.
  • Create custom content types to meet your content creation needs, like banners, product announcements, or FAQs, with the ManagedContentType in Metadata API. Custom content types appear as forms in the Salesforce CMS app and can also be used as a way to create collections for publication.Create content dialog with many custom content types available.
  • In the Salesforce CMS app, Share To... is now Channels. Still the place to add communities that share content, just a new name to look for in CMS Workspaces.Salesforce CMS app with Channels highlighted
  • In Community Workspaces, we've enhanced Collections. Now manual and dynamic CMS Content collections are based on a specific content type to help you target content delivery better.
  • In Community Workspaces, each content type gets its own content detail page to give you better presentation control.New page dialog in Community Builder
  • In Community Builder dozens of new layout options let you get creative with enhanced CMS Components, giving you greater ability to match your needs and your imagination.


    The layout of content created with previous versions of updated components can still be seen, but not edited. For example, if you created a banner in a previous release, you can’t change the properties for that layout. However, you can switch to the new layout so you can customize it. Previously set customizations don’t carry forward, so take a note of what you've done before updating to the new components.

How: To see Salesforce CMS in the App Launcher, Communities must be enabled in your org. Users must have Salesforce CMS enabled in Custom App Settings and CMS Workspaces must be set to Default On in Tab Settings of their profile in Setup.