Protect Your Salesforce App with Enhanced Mobile Security

Mobile application management (MAM) has come to the new Salesforce mobile app. Secure your app with the convenient, highly customizable protection of enhanced Mobile Security. Previously, customers with high security and compliance needs had to rely on external mobile device management (MDM) solutions to use the app. Unlike MDM, MAM protects at the app level, so it doesn’t need to manage users’ entire devices.

Where: Available for an extra cost for the current Salesforce mobile app in all editions, except, and the new Salesforce mobile app in all editions, except Essentials and

When: The new Salesforce mobile app is available the week of October 14, 2019.

Who: Available for users with the Enforce Enhanced Mobile App Security user permission.

Why: Mobile Security keeps Salesforce app data safe and users’ personal data personal. You can control a range of policies to create a security solution tailored to your org’s needs. You can limit user access based on operating system versions, app versions, and device and network security. You can also specify the severity of a violation.

Mobile Security violations screen showing an error and warning

Other policies prohibit unsecure behaviors in the app, such as blocking file backups or 3D Touch. And you can log user actions required for your compliance checks, including calls, texts, emails, and screenshots.

How: In Setup, search for Connected Apps and select Manage Connected Apps. Select the app that you want to modify, and add and configure policies as custom attributes.

Custom Attributes from the Manage Connected Apps page