Transition Seamlessly to the New Mobile App with Familiar Navigation Items

When users first log in to the new Salesforce mobile app, they see the same items they used in the previous Salesforce mobile app. We’ve moved them to an app called Mobile Only. The Mobile Only app ensures that users’ workflows aren’t disrupted when switching to the new mobile app.

Where: This change applies to the new Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android in all editions, except Essentials and

When: The new Salesforce mobile app is available the week of October 14, 2019.

Who: Available to users with the New Salesforce Mobile App user permission.

Why: The mobile experience is now more aligned with the Lightning Experience desktop. For example, users can now access Lightning apps from the mobile version of the Lightning App Launcher. When they use a Lightning app, the navigation tabs on the desktop version of the app sync to the mobile Menu navigation items. The synced navigation items provide a seamless experience from desktop to mobile. We understand, however, that your org might not have mobile-ready Lightning apps. Or if your org does, the synced navigation could be too much of a change for users’ first day in the new app.

Enter Mobile Only. When users first log in to the new mobile app, they see their previous Menu items.

The Mobile Only menu, with navigation items from the previous app experience

Users can keep using the Mobile Only app, or they can switch to a Lightning app using the App Launcher. If they need access to the previous navigation items again, they can switch back to Mobile Only via the App Launcher.

The Mobile App Launcher, where users can switch to Lightning Apps and back to Mobile Only

How: You can configure the navigation items that appear in the Mobile Only app. In Setup, enter Salesforce Navigation in the QuickFind box, then select Salesforce Navigation. But we encourage you to keep things as they are while users make the transition to the new mobile app.

If you’ve previously made a Lightning app available for mobile, the Mobile Only app might not make sense for your transition. You can disable it by adding a connected app custom attribute. In Setup, enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, select Manage Connected Apps, then click the name of the connected app you want to modify. In the Custom Attributes section on the connected app page, click New. Enter HIDE_MOBILE_ONLY_APP for the attribute key and “true” for the attribute value.