Find Actions in a New Place and Get to Them in a New Way

Actions got a raise… to the top of the screen. The new location of the action bar replaces list item actions and makes room for the new the navigation bar, putting actions and navigation front and center.

Where: This change applies to the new Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android in all editions, except Essentials and

When: The new Salesforce mobile app is available the week of October 14, 2019.

Who: Available to users with the New Salesforce Mobile App user permission.

Why: The action bar shows the first three actions from the page layout, instead of the first four.

The mobile action bar at the bottom of the screen, with icons for Call, Post, Edit, and More

But if you’re on an iOS device and prefer using your thumbs, you can do that, too. Press and hold the navigation bar to highlight and expand the action bar. To scroll through the actions, swipe back and forth. To select an action, release your hold. To navigate away without making a selection, drag your finger off the navigation bar and release.

The mobile action bar slider at the bottom of the screen, showing selection of Edit on the action bar