Lightning Web Components: Open Source

The Lightning Web Components framework is now open source, empowering you to explore the source code, customize the framework to your needs, and build enterprise-ready web components on any platform, not just Salesforce.

Why: In the past, you had to use different frameworks to build different sides of an application. For example, you used Aura to build the employee-facing side of an application on Salesforce. You used React, Angular, or Vue to build the customer-facing side of the application, and you deployed it on Heroku or on another platform. Today, you can use Lightning web components to build both sides of the application.

The benefits are significant. You can now learn one framework instead of several. You can share code between apps. And you’re using a cutting-edge framework built on web standards and based on the latest patterns and best practices.

How: To develop off-platform Lightning web components, see To contribute to the open-source code, see the Lightning Web Components GitHub repository.

To develop on-platform Lightning web components, see the Salesforce Lightning Web Components Developer Guide.