Spread Knowledge Far and Wide in More Channels

Share articles in Social Customer Service, Chat, and Messaging conversations. Agents can add a URL link to an article in case interactions. With a bit of setup, you can also let agents insert article contents in social posts and conversations.

Where: This change applies to all editions of Knowledge in Lightning Experience except Essentials edition.

Who: Agents with permission to view Knowledge articles and edit cases can use these actions in the Lightning Knowledge component and related lists. Admins with Customize Application permission can manage communication channels.

How: When Social Customer Service, Chat, or Messaging is available in the case feed, the actions appear next to articles in the Knowledge component and Knowledge related lists. Articles must be shared in customer, partner, or public knowledge base channels

To use the Insert Article into Social Post and Insert Article into Conversation actions, set up communication channel layouts in the object manager. The layout determines which fields are included in the message. Only plain text is inserted, so skip your formatted article contents and choose text fields designed for these channels.

To share article URLs in social posts, you need a social channel enabled and articles in your communities or sites.