Enroll Patients in Programs and Capture Their Consent

Use the power of Salesforce Flow to enroll participants in care programs, like a diet and nutrition class or an employer-sponsored wellness program. With Flow Designer, you can configure the Program Enrollment flow template and take advantage of the rich program management data model. Define programs, manage relationships and activities, and create a guided program enrollment process for your users.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce app in Professional, Performance, and Unlimited editions where Health Cloud is enabled.

Who: To access the template, you must have the Health Cloud license provisioned in your org. Users need the Health Cloud and the Health Cloud Platform permission set licenses, as well. Care program participants must have Customer Community Plus licenses to use the community to review and consent to forms.

When: The Care Program Enrollment flow template is made available through the new Health Cloud Foundation permission set license. This permission set license is provisioned to all Health Cloud customers, based on their contracts, after the Winter ’20 production release upgrade. After the features are available in production orgs, you can replicate a new sandbox org and have access to the functionality.

Why: Give call center agents a streamlined, guided enrollment process. When a patient calls in, a patient support agent can enroll the person into a support program.

Save valuable time by creating a program enrollment flow that meets most use cases and then clone and customize it for different types of enrollment programs. Upload authorization forms and consent documents for your care programs and associate them with a care program. Then, add the Enroll in Program quick action to a Patient Detail record page or to a related list and you’re done!

Stay compliant by capturing electronic signatures and tracking consent for each care program enrollment. Consent can take place with the participant providing consent in person, using a tablet or mobile device.

Image of the form that captures consent.

Patients and members who aren’t physically present can log in to their community, and view and provide consent to the forms associated with the program.

Image of a care program community showing a program with forms that need consent.