Add In-App Guidance for Feature Discovery and Adoption (Generally Available)

Clone prompts. Test prompts. Now you even have an easy way to control all prompts created by Salesforce.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Based on feedback from early adopters of prompts during the Summer ’19 beta release, we made several enhancements that make prompt authoring and testing easier.

Prompts keep the publish status set by the package owner
For example, a prompt marked as active in the package is active after installing in your org. Previously, package prompts were inactive after installation, regardless of the publish setting set by the package owner.
Prompts update when apps and packages change
When you update the app name, the change is reflected in the list view. When you delete an app, its prompts are deleted. When you remove the package, the prompts installed from the package are deleted.
Full support for managing licenses
With prompts installed from managed packages, you can assign, reassign, remove, or add licenses.
Hiding prompts authored by Salesforce
You can turn off all Lightning Experience in-app guidance created by Salesforce to control what your users see. Salesforce offers helpful, productivity-boosting prompts, welcome mats, and other guidance, such as:
  • Onboarding welcome mats for Essentials edition, Lightning Experience, Setup Assistant, and High Velocity Sales
  • Feature discovery prompts and popovers about Lightning Dialer, display density, Recycle Bin, navigation bar personalization, Salesforce mobile app, Help Menu, various related list features, list view pinning, Calendar, Opportunity score, Einstein Search (Beta), and Kanban
  • Feature adoption prompts explaining how Dashboards, Reports, Calendar, and Tasks are better in Lightning Experience
New location for turning off active prompts
Turning off all prompts installed or created in your org is now front and center. Previously, the toggle was located in the prompt list view.
Testing prompts
Test prompts logged in as a specific user to see the user experience firsthand. While testing prompts, schedule settings and timed delays between prompts are removed. We also don’t log interaction metrics. Testing also works in sandbox without the extra step of turning on the Adoption Assistance in Sandbox Orgs setting on the Adoption Assistance setup page.
In-App Guidance Setup
Cloning as a row-level action
Quickly make a series of prompts for different users from prompts you have already created or installed from packages. You can edit all settings in a cloned prompt, except the prompt type and page location.
Numbered and bulleted lists for docked prompts
The rich text editor includes two list styles.
Longer URLs
The character limit for URLs has increased from 255 characters to 1,000 characters.
Relative URLs
We removed the limitation of adding only fully qualified (or absolute) URLs to your custom action button. In previous releases, you added the full URL: Now you can enter /lightning/o/Account/home.

How: From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter In-App Guidance in the Quick Find box, and then select In-App Guidance.