Salesforce Overall: More Tools to Help You Transition to Lightning Experience and Supercharge Productivity

Lightning Experience is permanently enabled when it’s turned on, and we help guide your transition to the new interface with more tools and in-app prompts. Plus, we provide more ways to engage and guide your users in Lightning Experience with in-app guidance. Get more control of what your users see in Help Menus. Access the Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience. Organize records and list views by topic with new themes and topic filters. Fine-tune mass actions on lists with search terms and quick filters. Save ink with condensed printable lists. Say hello to Einstein Search, a smarter and more personalized way to get work done in Salesforce. Get more insight and more ways to manage surveys with Salesforce Surveys. Optimize scheduling with more tools to manage resources and concurrent appointments in Lightning Scheduler. Keep your data safe with an improved security update hub. Streamline how you process documents with more tracking and management tools. Maintain your workflow with dialogs that display only on the tab where it opened, and customize utility icon colors in Lightning Console Apps. Set and override the default font for emails.