Customize Lightning Record Pages for the Phone Form Factor

Lightning record pages are no longer limited to Lightning Experience on desktop! If your org has opted in to the new Salesforce mobile app, you can see the same record pages on desktop and the mobile app. Or, go one step further and address the needs of different users by assigning one custom record page for desktop users and another for mobile app users. Not sure which of your pages are assigned to which form factor? You can find that information on the Lightning Record Pages screen in the Object Manager.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Available for orgs that have opted in to the new Salesforce mobile app.

How: When you create a record page in the Lightning App Builder, you can select a page template that matches the form factor that you’re designing the page for. Preview what the page looks like on different devices using the form factor switcher. When you activate your page, you can choose which form factors to make the record page available on: phone, desktop, or both, depending on which form factors its template supports.

On the main Lightning Record Pages screen, you can see which page is assigned to which form factor for each type of assignment.Lightning Record Pages node in the Object Manager

Click View Page Assignments to see which pages are assigned to which form factor for each assignment type.

Pages that you already have in your org support both form factors by default. With a few exceptions, the custom and standard components on those pages work seamlessly across desktop and mobile.