Layout Changes for Records Are Delayed After Save

When you make layout changes to record pages on custom objects, the layout changes don’t appear immediately. The record page displays the updated layout about 15 minutes later when you reload the page. This change is a tradeoff to improve performance of record pages.

Where: This change impacts record pages for custom objects in Lightning Experience and Lightning communities. It does not impact record pages accessed on a Lightning console app.

Why: Record pages for custom objects now use durable caching for persistent storage. When you open a new page, the cache updates itself and the page loads faster because the data is readily available. To invalidate the durable cache, log out of Salesforce and log back in. Durable caching is available in orgs with secure browser caching enabled, which is a setting that's enabled by default.


Disabling secure and persistent browser caching is not recommended. We recommend disabling it only if you’re working in a sandbox or a Developer edition org.

How: To see your layout changes immediately, log out and log back in. Other users don’t see the change until up to 1 hour later when they reload the page. Similarly, they can also see layout changes immediately when they log out and log back in.

This change also applies to record layouts updated through the page layout editor, compact layouts, and Lightning pages. For example, the layout is changed when you add a custom field to a custom object and add that field to the page layout.

For layout changes to a Lightning page, such as via the Lightning App Builder, you continue to see their changes immediately after a page reload. However, other users and other browsers don’t see the change up to 1 hour later when they reload the page. To see the layout changes immediately, users can log out and log back in.