Manage Your Flows with the Enhanced Flows List View

The new enhanced Flows list view in Lightning Experience includes standard flows and custom flows on a single page. Standard flows are built by Salesforce, and custom flows are built by users or partners. The new list view also offers clear menu options that help you find flow versions and edit flow details more easily. Quickly access permissions to run a flow with a new menu option. Paused flow interviews now appear on a separate page.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Previously, the Flows list view in Salesforce Classic included paused flow interviews on the same page, and it didn’t show standard flows.

How: To switch to the Salesforce Classic Flows list view from Setup, enter Process Automation in the Quick Find box, then select Process Automation Settings. Deselect In Lightning Experience, use the enhanced Flows page and separate Paused and Scheduled Automations page.



If you have custom list views for flows, you need to either recreate them in the enhanced list view or switch back to the Salesforce Classic list view to use them. In the Salesforce Classic list view, clicking Open opens the flow in Flow Builder.

To open a flow from the enhanced list view, click the flow’s label.

The enhanced list view that shows two autolaunched flows and one screen flow