Check a Field’s References and Find Reports Using It (Generally Available)

With the click of a button, view the references to a custom field before you edit it, such as references in a formula, layout, or Apex class. On a custom field’s detail page, click Where is this used? to see where a field is used and where changes to the field appear. Use this information to communicate changes to others who use the field in a formula or other context. In this release, we added support for reports.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: Admins with the View Setup permission can check where a custom field is used.

Button location on the page.

Click Where is this used? to see the field reference details.

Example page of field references.

The list can include these references.

  • Validation rule
  • Layout
  • Formula field
  • Visualforce page
  • Apex class
  • Apex trigger
  • Email template (Salesforce Classic, text based)
  • Field set
  • Flow (query)
  • Lightning component markup (attr)
  • Process Builder (criteria)
  • URL button (formula)
  • Lightning page (related list single)
  • Lookup filter (lookup and master detail)
  • Reports (column)


    For a report to show up in the list, the field must be used as a column in the report. References to a report filter, grouping, or custom summary formula do not appear.

Click a reference label to view the settings for the layout, formula, or other reference. Reference labels link to more information only if there is a known settings page for the reference. For example, a report name links to the report settings. But, a criteria formula created within a flow does not link to the flow settings.

Within a subscriber org, references in a managed package aren’t included in the list of results. For example, you have a number field referenced in a formula. If you add the field to a package and install the package in a subscriber org, the subscriber org’s field reference detail page doesn’t show that this number field is referenced in a formula field.

However, new references created after installing the managed package in the subscriber org do appear. For example, after you install the managed package and you add the number field to another formula in the subscriber org, the new reference appears.