Filter by Comparison in Einstein Prediction Builder

Instead of filtering only on absolute field values, you can now filter on the value of one field compared to the value of another field or on a point in time. Make your filter logic more meaningful and relevant to your prediction question.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Developer editions.

Who: This feature is available to admins with the Einstein Analytics Plus or Einstein Predictions license.

Why: Comparison filters work on date, currency, and number fields on records that have a field available for comparison. For instance, you want to look only at accounts with activity during the past three weeks. Previously, you had to use an absolute date to define which “past three weeks” or create a formula field outside of Einstein Prediction Builder. Now you can set a comparison filter that includes accounts with a last activity date that’s greater than or equal to today minus three weeks. And your filter stays fresh and isn’t dated!

How: You know that a comparison filter is available when the Type dropdown menu contains Comparison as an option. When you select Comparison, a Build Comparison button appears in the Value field.

Build Comparison

To build your comparison, choose the field (or point in time, if your comparison is on a date field) that you want the filter to use. To get accounts that were active during the past three weeks, you can fine-tune your comparison with specific conditions like “minus 3 weeks.”

Refine Comparison