Boost Productivity with Personalized Search Results (Beta)

Want to find stuff faster with search results that are tailored to the unique way you work in Salesforce? Search personalization is here. It helps you cut through the clutter with search results based on what’s most important to you, including geographical locations, industries, statuses, product areas, and people.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and all version of the Salesforce mobile app in Unlimited, Enterprise, and Performance editions.

Who:To turn on search personalization, your org must meet these requirements:
  • At least 150 active user licenses
  • Unlimited, Enterprise, or Performance Edition
  • Lightning Experience enabled
  • Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption isn’t enabled
Why: Now when you search for accounts, contacts, or opportunities, you see results that are related to you by:
  • Activity—How frequently or recently you’ve viewed the records
  • Location—Records that are related to a city, state, or country that’s important to you
  • Ownership—Records that are owned by or modified by people that are important to you
  • Specialization—Records that are related to an industry or product area that you prefer or have a status or stage that interests you


  • Instant results are personalized based on activity only.
  • Search personalization isn’t available in sandbox orgs.

How: To turn on search personalization, from Setup, enter Search Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Search Settings. Then select All users get personalized search results. (Beta).