Break Open the Search Box with Enhanced Instant Results (Beta)

Enhanced instant results turns the global search box into a supercharged productivity hub. Click in the search box to instantly access record previews, page-level record actions, related list quick links, and suggested searches.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Unlimited, Enterprise, and Performance editions.

Who: Enhanced instant result requires the Einstein Search permission set license.

Why: Some clicks are more powerful than others. With enhanced instant results, as soon as you click in the search box, you have access to:
  • (1) Record previews. See if it’s what you’re looking for by hovering over a record. See up to 10 fields and go straight to a related list.
  • (2) Suggested conversational searches. Conversational search turns your search terms into record filters. For example, search for “my open opportunities this month” to see a list of your recent opportunities with an open status.
  • (3) Page-level record actions. The same actions (including custom actions) from record pages you know and love are now instantly accessible.
  • (4) Related List Quick Links. Go right to a record’s related lists.
  • (5) List views. Find the right list views with fewer clicks without going to a list view page. You see suggested list views when you click in the search box, and they’re updated as you type. Hover over one to see a preview.
Enhanced instant results features


Knowledge Advanced Search isn’t available in the enhanced instant results dropdown.