Create Instant Reports with All the Right Filters with Conversational Search (Beta)

Can’t find a report or don’t have time to create one? Conversational search gives you instant access to important data by turning your search terms into record filters. Just enter search terms the way you start a conversation. For example, enter “my closed cases this month” to see a list of your recent cases with a closed status.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Unlimited, Enterprise, and Performance editions.

Who: Conversational search requires the Einstein Search and Einstein Search Results Based on Conversational Search permission set licenses.

Why: Conversational search works when you enter the name of a Salesforce object along with everyday terms, like “my” or “last week” or “closed.” We show conversational search results only when we recognize an intent in your search. And don’t worry, you can still see standard search results when you want.

Not sure how to get started? Try starting a conversational search. When you click in the global search box and start typing, Salesforce suggests conversational searches (1) that you might be interested in. Suggested conversational searches


Conversational search supports Account, Contact, Case, Lead, and Opportunity objects.