Use Quick Text in Tasks and Events

Do your users have many tasks or events that are all the same? Then we have good news. Tasks and events now support quick text. Users can insert quick text to enter common descriptions like “Follow up with customer for more details” or “Verify customer address” instead of repeatedly typing out the same message.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: To insert quick text, users need Read permission on the quick text object. Optionally, you can also give users Create, Edit, and Delete access so that they can create and manage their own quick text.

In orgs created after Spring ’18, all user profiles include Read access by default. However, users with a Salesforce Platform user license can’t work with quick text. If you gave your users permission to create, read, update, and delete quick text in Salesforce Classic, that permission is honored in Lightning Experience.

How: Quick text in Lightning Experience is enabled by default in all orgs. If you enabled and created quick text in Salesforce Classic, your messages work in Lightning Experience.

When you create or edit a quick text, set the Channel field to Task or Event. A quick text button appears when you put your cursor in a supported field for quick text.

In tasks, check out the Comments field.Screen shot of a new Task for a case record. In events, check out the Description field. Screen shot of a new Event for a case record.

Sales reps can also use quick text for tasks and events.



To disable this popup button, go to the Quick Text Settings page in Setup, and select Hide quick text button and popup.