Forecast Sales by Territory (Generally Available)

Territory Forecasting gives your team a snapshot of how expected opportunity revenue compares between sales territories. Want to know which territory has the most in closed deals this month? Use Territory Forecasting to find out.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Developer and Performance editions and in Enterprise and Unlimited editions with the Sales Cloud.

Who: If your sales team uses Enterprise Territory Management, they can forecast opportunity revenue by territory and by role.

Why: When territory forecasts are enabled, users can:
  • See an opportunity revenue forecast rollup based on the territories assigned to each opportunity.
  • See opportunity revenue forecasts for the territories that users are assigned to.
  • See the opportunities included in territory forecasts regardless of whether the opportunity owner is assigned to the territory.
  • Drill down to child territories’ forecasts.
  • Drill down to an individual rep’s forecasts for a territory if the territory doesn’t have a forecast manager.
Forecasts page with territory forecasts selected

Territory forecasts (1) are based on your territory hierarchy (2), not your user role hierarchy, as other forecast types are. Users switch from role-based forecasts to territory forecasts by selecting Opportunity Revenue by Territory under Forecast Type in Display Settings (3).


Choosing a territory forecast type in Forecasts Settings in Setup

To make territory forecasts available to your sales team, add the opportunity revenue by territory forecast type in Setup (4).

Changes Since Summer ’18

  • Adjustments and adjustment notes are supported.
  • Users can view forecasts for each territory that they’re associated with.
  • Users can search by territory name or by the territory’s forecast manager’s name and jump to another territory’s forecasts.
  • Users can switch back to a territory’s forecasts using breadcrumbs.
  • On the forecasts page and in Setup, the new forecast type is listed as Opportunity Revenue by Territory, not the active territory model’s name.

Chatter REST API supports territory forecasts.