Einstein Forecasting: Optimize Your Forecasting Model with Custom Fields

Einstein now uses your custom opportunity fields to provide more accurate forecast predictions. If you have opportunity fields that aren’t relevant to closing deals, a new setup wizard lets you ignore specific custom opportunity fields.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: Einstein Forecasting is available to sales managers with the Sales Cloud Einstein license.

Why: Einstein uses only the fields that affect your sales forecast, so custom fields that don’t impact forecast predictions aren’t used in the forecasting model. If you have custom fields that aren’t relevant to forecasting but can affect your sales forecast, you can exclude them from the forecasting model.

Einstein Forecasting exclude fields modal window

Ignore fields only if you are sure they have no effect on a deal’s chance of closing. Mistakenly ignoring influential fields makes Einstein’s forecasting prediction less accurate. If you’re not sure, include all opportunity fields.

Fields that are ignored for Einstein Forecasting are also ignored for Einstein Opportunity Scoring.

How: Relevant custom fields are automatically used to calculate forecast predictions. To exclude specific fields from being used by the predictive model, go to the Einstein Forecasting page in Setup, and click Set Up in the Optimize Predictions section.