Edit Joined Reports with Lightning Report Builder (Beta)

Enhance your joined report workflow by editing joined reports with the Lightning report builder and with more run page functionality including filtering and sorting.
Where: This change is beta in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


This release contains a beta version of Lightning joined reports, which means it’s a high-quality feature with known limitations. Lightning joined reports isn’t generally available unless or until Salesforce announces its general availability in documentation or in press releases or public statements. We can’t guarantee general availability within any particular time frame or at all. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features.

  • To view joined reports in Lightning Experience, you need the Run Reports user permission.
  • To create or edit joined reports, you need one of these permissions: Create and Customize Reports, Report Builder, or Report Builder (Lightning Experience).

Why: Work with joined reports in Lightning Experience's modern interface and take advantage of Lightning Experience's productivity-improving features like report run page filtering. Edit joined filters, groups (including cross-block groups), and columns with the Lightning report builder.

How: If necessary, turn on the Lightning joined reports beta. From Setup, enter Reports in the Quick Find box, then select Reports and Dashboards Settings. Select Enable Lightning Joined Reports (Beta), and then click Save.

To edit a joined report with the Lightning report builder, click Edit (Beta).

Editing a joined report (beta)

Work with joined reports on the joined report run page just like you work with other reports in Lightning Experience. For example, to work with filters, click Filter.

Running a joined report (beta)
In addition to editing, these features are newly available.
  • Charts
  • Edit filters while viewing
  • Add to Dashboard
  • Save
  • Sort columns and groups
As you get ready to work with joined reports in Lightning Experience, take note of these beta limitations. These features aren’t available in the beta version of Lightning joined reports, but we’re working hard to implement them in a future release.
Features Not Available
These features aren't available in the Lightning Experience report builder, but they are available in the embedded Salesforce Classic report builder. To open the Salesforce Classic report builder in Lightning Experience, click either New Report (Salesforce Classic) or Edit (Salesforce Classic). Editing and building feature gaps and limitations include:
  • Creating joined reports
  • Adding or removing blocks and report types
  • Renaming blocks
  • Reordering blocks
  • Changing the principal report type
  • Adding and editing custom summary formulas and cross-block custom summary formulas
Running and reading feature gaps and limitations include:
  • Subscriptions
  • Export
  • Open in Quip
  • Chatter feeds
  • Trend
  • Einstein Data Insights (Beta)