Quick Search: Find Reports, Dashboards, and Folders Fast

Global search is great for finding objects across your whole org. But what if you want to look within reports and dashboards? That’s where quick search comes in. Search for reports, dashboards, and folders directly from the reports or dashboards tab.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials (reports and dashboards only, not folders), Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: Quick search is available to all users. Do a quick search to find any reports, dashboards, or folders that are accessible to you.

Why: Quick search is the perfect complement to global search. Global search helps you find objects across your entire org, whereas quick search helps you find objects locally. Say that you want to find all the public reports relating to opportunities (ones that have opp in their name). With quick search, select Reports > Public Reports and enter opp in the search box to see all the public reports that match.

How: Find the quick search box at the top of each report, dashboard, and folder page. Select a scope on the side menu (1) and the search context instantly changes to that scope (2).

Quick search

Start entering text to see the list of matches within the selected scope.

Quick search results
Some points to remember about quick search.
  • Quick search shows only the first 20 results. A message indicates if there are more results that aren’t showing.
  • The context is always what is selected on the side menu.
  • Quick search on folders finds all folders and subfolders that you can access, but not the reports and dashboards in the folders.
  • The options to customize columns and create folders are disabled during quick search.
  • Quick search keeps the current custom column selections and sorting.