Enjoy the Give and Take of Discussions in Your Feed

When you talk to people, it’s rarely like a feed, where one person asks a question and everyone else answers. In real life, when one person asks a question, someone answers, and then there's a reply to that answer, and a reply to that reply. Now you can experience this lively flow in your communities with threaded discussions.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Communities are available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: A thread is any feed item that has one or more levels nested under it. For example, a question with an answer or a comment with a reply is a thread. A threaded discussion can have up to three levels of replies. Discussions are indented to make it clear who’s responding to what.

A threaded discussion

We also updated notification emails for threaded discussions. When you click a link in an email to a thread, it takes you directly to the answer or reply. In the olden days, a notification link took you to the top of the thread.

How: For new communities, threaded discussions are available by default. For existing communities, go to your community’s Administration Workspace. Under the General heading in Preferences, select Allow discussion threads and click Save.



To prevent loss of important content, orgs created after Winter ’19 block the deletion of any feed item that has something nested under it. For example, when a question has an answer, deletion of the question is blocked.

For orgs created after Winter ’19, blocking is the default behavior. Orgs that existed before Winter ’19 can call Salesforce Customer Support to enable blocking. When blocking is enabled, only feed moderators and users with the Modify All Data permission can delete community threads.

We recommend blocking deletions because, when deletion is not blocked:
  • A user who creates a feed item can delete any response nested under it.
  • A user who deletes a feed item also deletes all responses nested under it.

If nothing is nested under a feed item, the author can always delete the item.

Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex support threaded discussions.