Koa and Kokua Go Off into the Sunset

Are you still working with the Koa and Kokua templates? Then there are some things you need to know. As much as we love them, we’re focusing only on developing the much richer, newer templates. We're still supporting the templates, but you can't create new communities with them. Consider updating to the latest templates and all the power they offer. Koa and Kokua are great, but you’re missing out if you stick with them forever.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Communities are available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Here’s the current state of the Koa and Kokua templates.
  • You can’t create a new community with Koa and Kokua with the Community wizard.
  • You can’t change from another template to Koa or Kokua using the Change Template wizard.
  • You can change from a Koa or Kokua template to another template.
  • Salesforce Customer Support can still manually create Koa or Kokua communities for customers still using them, if necessary.