Winter ’19 Features That Are Different or Not Available in the Salesforce App

The Salesforce mobile app doesn’t include all the functionality that’s available in the full Salesforce site, whether your org is using Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic. Learn about the Winter ’19 Salesforce enhancements that either aren’t available, have functional gaps from the full site, or work differently in the mobile app.


For the complete list of differences between the Salesforce app and the full site, see What’s Different or Not Available in the Salesforce App in the Salesforce Help.

Sales Features

Accounts: Account Teams
When adding account team members, sales reps see only the team member fields they’re allowed to edit. Previously, reps could see all team member fields even if they couldn’t update the values.

Productivity Features

Calendar: Schedule Event Series (Beta)


As a beta feature, event series in Lightning Experience is a preview and isn’t part of the “Services” under your master subscription agreement with Salesforce. Use event series at your sole discretion, and make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. Salesforce doesn’t guarantee general availability of this feature within any particular time frame or at all, and we can discontinue it at any time. This feature is for evaluation purposes only, not for production use. It’s offered as is and isn’t supported, and Salesforce has no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with it. All restrictions, Salesforce reservation of rights, obligations concerning the Services, and terms for related Non-Salesforce Applications and Content apply equally to your use of this feature.

  • Platform Encryption, including deterministic encryption, isn’t supported for event series. Single events in Lightning Experience, the Salesforce app, and all events in Salesforce Classic are encrypted.
  • If you don’t see changes when you create, edit, or delete a series, click the refresh button.
  • Only the first event in a series shows attachments.
  • Events in a series can't be made to overlap with other events in the series.
  • If you create a series in Lightning Experience and edit it from Salesforce Classic, you can only edit a single event from the series. We recommend editing in Lightning Experience only.
  • You can’t edit the start date of a series. Instead, delete the series and recreate it with a new start date.
  • If you edit any fields other than the following for an event series, only events repeating within the series pattern display the updated field values. Exceptions to the series and past events display the original series field values.
    • All-day event checkbox
    • Start or end time
    • Recurrence pattern
    • Recurrence start or end date
    • Location
  • A single series event can last up to14 days unless your admin has enabled limits for event duration. In that case, you can’t create an event that lasts more than 24 hours.
  • To load your calendar quickly, some series are initially projected in Salesforce and only visible on your calendar later. As a result, even after refreshing, sometimes you don’t see all events from the series on your calendar immediately after saving. You can experience similar delays when deleting or editing your events. For example:
    • If you schedule a series that lasts longer than a year, you can see events that are scheduled within the next year. To see subsequent events in the series, check your calendar when those events are within a year of occurring.
    • If your admin has enabled shared activities (which lets you associate multiple contacts or one lead to your events), some events from the series can take up to two minutes to display on your calendar.
  • If you delete a series, events in the series that haven’t started yet are removed.
  • To delete a single event, open the event you want to delete. Then, change the date, time, or location of that event. Save your changes. Then, open the event again and delete the event.
  • When records are merged or a lead is converted for attendees, the original record is maintained on the event series. As long as the email address is identical for the merged contacts or converted lead, no issues should occur.
  • If you have any custom fields on the event page layout or have defined default values for custom fields on the Activity object, we recommend not enabling this feature in Winter ’19.
  • Editing the Assigned To field for an event series causes issues. Instead, to reassign an event series, delete the series and recreate it with the desired owner.