Use Multi-Select Picklists Easily in Lightning Experience

When you edit records in Lightning Experience, multi-select picklists now behave like in Salesforce Classic.

Where: This feature applies to Lightning Experience in all editions.

Why: Previously, selecting values on a multi-select picklist in Lightning Experience was a chore because old values were deselected when you selected new ones. The new design retains old values in a second list.

How: Navigate to a record you want to update. On the record edit page, any field that uses the multi-select picklist type now displays a dueling picklist, also known as a dual listbox. Here are a few mouse and keyboard shortcuts to work with multi-select picklists.
  • To select a single value, click the value or use the keyboard Up or Down Arrow key.
  • To deselect the value, press Cmd+Click.
  • To select multiple values, click a value and press Cmd+Click for subsequent values.
  • Note


    Windows keyboards use Ctrl instead of Cmd.

To retain your selection , you must click the right arrow to move the selection to the second list and then save the record. Selecting a value from the second list and clicking the left arrow discards the value and prevents it from being saved.

Select a value or multiple values and move them to the list on the right