View Page Performance by Browser and Other New Metrics in the Lightning Usage App

You can now view more metrics in the Lightning Usage App, including page performance by browser. You can also generate reports using the Lightning Usage App objects.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. The Lightning Usage App is not available for sandbox orgs.

How: Select a tab to view the relevant data. Usage data must accrue over time to be displayed, so not all graphs are populated when you first launch the app.
  • To view the 10 pages where switches occur most frequently, click Switches to Classic and scroll to the Page pane.
    Top ten pages where switches occur
  • To view page performance by browser, click Browser. The Performance pane displays page load times by browser for the previous 3 months and the previous 7 days.
    Browser performance for past three months and past seven days
    Page load time, or Experienced Page Time (EPT), is a measure of how long it takes for a page to load so that a user can meaningfully interact with it. EPT is equivalent to “critical-path” or “time-to-interaction”. Many parameters impact EPT, in particular network speed, hardware performance, page complexity, and number of components. Page complexity is the number of requests to the server or database and the amount of data downloaded. Complex pages usually have higher EPT values (longer load times).
  • To view the performance of the top-viewed pages in Lightning Experience, click Page. The Performance pane shows the page load times for the most viewed pages, and the page load times of a selected page for the previous 30 days. The first time you launch the Lightning Usage App, the Single Page Performance pane displays data for the current day. Data for additional days displays as days accrue.
    Performance of most viewed pages
    Performance of a selected page over 30 days
  • To create custom reports, use the Lightning Usage App objects. See LightningExitByPageMetrics, LightningToggleMetrics, LightningUsageByAppTypeMetrics, LightningUsageByBrowserMetrics, LightningUsageByFlexiPageMetrics, and LightningUsageByPageMetrics in Standard Objects in the SOAP API Developer Guide.