Lightning Experience Features in This Release

Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on our UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Check out the new features and considerations in this release.

Lightning Experience: A Modern and Intelligent User Experience

Salesforce Overall

Get Guidance for Data Protection and Privacy Regulations

Change Your View with Display Density Settings

Say Goodbye to Copy and Paste and Hello to Quick Text

Assign a New Owner to Multiple Leads, Cases, or Custom Objects at One Time

Find the Data You Need in a Jiffy with List View Search

Collaborate with Ease with List View Sharing

Use Background Utility Items to Add Functionality to a Lightning App

Improve Your Salesforce Implementation with Optimizer

Use Multi-Select Picklists Easily in Lightning Experience

Open Hyperlinks in Formula Fields Correctly

Lightning Console Apps: Customizable Tabs, Customizable Navigation Items, More APIs, and Visualforce Overrides

Recover Your Unsaved Text After Getting Timed Out

Retention Limit for Field History Data Is Now Enforced

Cisco Spark Is Now Cisco Webex Teams

Lightning Experience Adoption: More Ways to Discover and Adopt the New Salesforce

Roll Out the Welcome Mat for New Lightning Experience Users

Learn Why Users Are Switching Back to Salesforce Classic

Keep Users in Lightning Experience

Guide Your Users’ Transition to Lightning Experience with Change Management Resources

Move Actions and Buttons Easily When Transitioning to Lightning Experience (Beta)

Enhancements to JavaScript Buttons in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

Let the Readiness Report Be Your Guide to Lightning Experience

View Page Performance by Browser and Other New Metrics in the Lightning Usage App

Salesforce Surveys

Gather Specialized Data with New Question Types

Add Multiple Questions to a Survey Page

Invite Person Accounts to Participate in Surveys

View a Person Account’s Survey Invitations

View Status and Responses on Survey Invitations

Choose Whether Participants Must Log In to Take a Survey

Question Properties Menu Has a New Home

Editing Active Surveys Is No Longer Supported

Gather Data from Banking Customers with Salesforce Surveys in Financial Services Cloud

Pause... and Resume a Survey


Get More Relevant Search Results Without the Wait

Search and Filter Results in More Places

Filter Search Results for Custom Objects

Filter Search Results by Number Range

Find Messaging Sessions Using Global Search


Sales Cloud Einstein

Einstein Forecasting: Optimize Your Forecasting Model with Custom Fields

Einstein Activity Capture: Get More from Einstein Email Insights and Connect with Recommended Connections

Einstein Readiness Assessor: Run the Readiness Assessor in Sandbox

Einstein Lead Scoring: Update the Einstein Lead Scoring Dashboard

Core Sales Features

Collaborative Forecasts: Territory Forecasting (Generally Available), Forecast Sharing (Generally Available), and an Enhanced Forecasts Page

Enterprise Territory Management: Forecast Sales by Territory (Generally Available)

Accounts: Multiple Team Members and Partner Users on Account Teams

Campaigns: Sync Pardot and Salesforce Campaign Members and Quickly Adjust Filters on Campaign Related Lists

Leads: Reject Leads That Don’t Use reCAPTCHA

Opportunities: Edit Rights for Previous Team Owners and Partner Users on Teams

Other Changes in Core Sales Features

Productivity Features

Inbox: Get More Relevant Suggestions with Custom Einstein Email Insights

Email Experience: Attachments in List Emails and Actions, Bounce Notifications, Email Tracking, and Quick Text

Email Templates: Privacy and Merge Field Improvements, Attachments on Templates, Better Experience Using Classic Templates

Lightning Dialer: Recording and Call Bridge

Einstein Activity Capture: Einstein Email Insights Improvements and Recommended Connections

Activities: Task Reminders in Quick Actions, Quick Text, and Improved Filters on the Activity Timeline

Kanban: Recently Viewed Availability, Search Kanban View

Calendar: Event Series and More Task Filters

Sales Console: Customized Navigation Items and Improvements to Macros and Quick Text

Lightning Data: Match Selection, More Usable Labels

Select a Match When the Automatic Match Isn’t the Right One

Status Label Not Found Was Changed

Match Confidence Score Label Was Changed

Address Field Labels Were Changed

Integration with Google

Lightning for Gmail: Increase Productivity with Inbox Beta for Gmail (Beta)

Lightning Sync for Google: Syncing for API-Triggered Updates and Flexible Sync Options

Integration with Microsoft®

Outlook Integration: Combined Add-In in the Office Store, Inbox Features General Availability, and Text Shortcuts

Lightning Sync for Microsoft® Exchange: Event Series and Syncing for API-Triggered Updates

Salesforce for Outlook: Product Availability and Versions

Salesforce CPQ and Billing

Salesforce CPQ: More Subscription Type and Pricing Options, Improved Pricing Method for Percent of Total Products, and Reduced Data Entry in Lightning

Salesforce Billing: Enhancements to Payment Gateway and Revenue Adjustments, Simplified Management for Multiple Billing Transactions, and Easier Cancellations for Order Products


Align Sales and Marketing on a Single Platform with Pardot in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)

Easily Opt In Opted-Out Prospects Synced to Salesforce

Send Engage Campaigns from More Places

UI Improvements in the Pardot Lightning App

View Sent Automated Emails


Setup Flows: Bring Your Service to the Next Level

Einstein Bots

Supercharge Your Bot with Autolaunched Flows—No Coding Required

Analyze Einstein Bots Sessions Easily and More Deeply

Define Bot Question Elements Differently with Slots Renamed to Variables

Train Bots More Easily with a Unified Intent Set Across All Bot Versions

Build Intents Quickly by Adding Customer Inputs with the Data Loader

Understand Your Customers More Quickly—Einstein Bots Support Literal Matches


LiveMessage: Text Messaging and Facebook Messenger Support Generally Available

Help Center: Simple Self-Service

CTI: Call Centers in Service Essentials and More Flexible Softphones

Live Agent: More Setup Options in Lightning Experience, Support for Skills-Based Routing for Chats (Beta), and a Faster Way to Add Quick Text

Snap-Ins Chat: Custom Labels, Snippet Settings File for Communities, and Chatting Across Tabs

Snap-Ins for Mobile Apps: Use Einstein Bots in Your Native App

Social Customer Service: YouTube, Emojis, Quick Text, and Public Cloud

Field Service

Point Your Workforce to the Next Step with Lightning Flow for Service

Generate Service Reports in Other Languages

Transfer Serialized Product Items (Beta)

Write Service Report Triggers

Quickly Find Signed Service Reports

Automatically Share Service Appointments and Work Orders

View Related Product Transfers on Locations and Product Items

User Profile Image Storage on Android

Field Service Managed Package: Community Dispatchers, Gantt Color Palettes, and Custom Actions for the Dispatcher Console

Case Management

Service Console: Folders for Productivity, Customized Navigation Items, and a Switcher for Lightning Experience

Lightning Flow for Service: New Name and New Features to Help Agents Stay on Track

Cases: Compact Feed Enhancements and Visualforce Templates in Lightning Experience

Omni-Channel: Skills-Based Routing Improvements and Chat Monitoring

Agent Productivity: Folders and Sharing and Buttons, Oh My


Lightning Knowledge Is Included in Service Essentials

Map Case Fields to Data Categories for Better Search Results

Get More Done on Article List Views with Mass Actions

Insert Anchor Links in Rich Text Fields to Help Readers

Customize Articles with Actions, Buttons, and Links (Beta)

Add Lookup Fields to Article Versions from Various Records

Do More from the Articles Related List on Cases

Customize Global Search to Find the Most Relevant Knowledge Data

Import Articles with Translations to Leave No Languages Behind

Move More to Lightning Knowledge—Communities Topics and Article Search Data (Beta)

Translate Articles Faster with Helpful Links in Emails and Evenly Spaced Columns on Pages

Access Smart Links in Articles from the Salesforce App

Stay in Lightning Knowledge to Insert Article Content into Emails

Use Quick Text in Your Knowledge Articles


Communities Documentation: Enjoy a Flurry of Fresh Winter Content

Lightning Communities

Update Your Lightning Community to the Latest Template

Create a Self-Service Help Center and Turn Customers into Search Heroes

Discover CMS for Community Cloud (Beta)

Koa and Kokua Go Off into the Sunset

Use Audience Targeting Enhancements

Export Themes, Just like Whole Sites and Pages

Do More with Themes and Added Options

Edit Most Page URLs

Validate Head Markup as You Type

Lightning Components in Community Builder

Filter Search Results in Communities

Enjoy the Give and Take of Discussions in Your Feed

Allow Guest Users to Access Flows

Block Deletion of Threads in Communities

Use Rich Publisher Apps on Your Mobile Devices

Let Users Add Topics to Records

Do More with Topics from the List View

Add Topics to Your Original Content (Beta)

Display Related Lists with More Precision

Suggest Actions and Offers to Community Members (Pilot)

Show Salesforce IoT Data to Community Users

Customize Actions on the User Profile Component

Use More Snap-Ins Chat Features in Your Community

Allow Field Service Dispatching from Lightning Communities

Save Time with New Global Actions for Communities

See Field Dependencies While Editing a Record Details Page

Update Subtopic Elements on Headline Component in Your Community

Search and Share List Views and Filter Campaign Related Lists

Community Engagement

Keep Members Engaged with Recognition Badges (Generally Available)

Display Recognition Badges on User Profiles

Award Recognition Badges with the New Give Badge Button

Use the Questions With and Without Answers Report to See Your Community in Action

Files in Lightning Communities

Make Changes to File Fields When You Need To

Populate Custom Fields When Uploading Files

Share Folders Using Public Links

Partner Central

Drive Data Sharing in a Multi-Tier Distribution Channel with Partner Relationships (Pilot)

Manage and Share Brand Information and Include It in Co-Branded Email Templates (Generally Available)

Encourage External Delegated Admins to Manage Their Teams (Generally Available)

Require Unique Usernames for Partners at the Org Level

Ignore the Rules and Allow Greater Flexibility with Budgets

Control Community User Visibility (Beta)

Include Partner Users on Account and Opportunity Teams in Lightning Experience

Sharing and Security

Improve Security for Sites and Communities by Restricting Record Access for Guest Users

Limit Guest User Access to Activities

Use Sharing Sets with All Customer and Partner Licenses (Generally Available)

Use Sharing Sets with Contacts with Multiple Accounts (Beta)

Use Sharing Sets with Campaigns, Opportunities, and Orders (Beta)

Use the New Content Security Policy to Better Protect Your Community

Enhance Your Community Privacy with Google IP Anonymizer

Secure iframes with Clickjack Protection on Sites and Communities

Enable Users to Log In with Their Email, Phone Number, or Any Identifier You Choose

Allow Visitors to Join Your Community by Email or Phone

Customize the One-Time Password Email Template for Identity Verification

Give Internal Users Login Access to Communities Through an External Authentication Provider

Set Different Login Policies for Internal Community Users (Generally Available)

Usability and Performance Improvements

Dependent Picklists No Longer Have a Default Value Selected

Guest Users Are Redirected to a Login Page When Visiting Record Pages

Get Faster Page Response with Support for Optional URL Query Parameters

Decrease Page Load Times with Community Content Delivery Network (Generally Available)

Other Changes in Communities

Use Lightning External Apps and Lightning External Apps Plus Licenses to Create Custom Digital Experiences

Find All the Community Content Features in One Workspace Location

Better Place for Time in Feeds

Provide Your High-Volume Community Users with Access to Data Privacy Records

Assign a New Owner to Multiple Leads, Cases, or Custom Objects at One Time

Manage Customer User Permission Has Been Removed from All Standard Profiles


Einstein Next Best Action: Recommend Actions and Offers Using Strategies (Pilot)

Predict What’s Next in Your Business with Einstein Prediction Builder (Beta)

Lightning App Builder

Set Component Visibility Based on Standard and Custom User Permissions

Edit Managed Apps with the Lightning App Builder

Suggest Actions and Offers to Your Lightning Experience Users (Pilot)

Add the Text Shortcuts Component for Email Application Panes

Updated Labels in the App Creation Wizard and the Lightning App Builder

Better Labels for Form Factors in Component Visibility Rules

Show Users Salesforce IoT Data with the IoT Insights Lightning Component

Lightning Components No Longer Auto-Added to Pages

Lightning Flow

Automate More Business Processes with Increased Per-Org Limits

Monitor Your Processes and Flows with New Usage-Based Entitlements

Process and Flow Design: New Out-of-the-Box Screen Components, Validation for Custom Screen Components

Flow Distribution: Recommended Flows, Flows in Einstein Bots, CI/CD Support

Track Process and Flow Test Coverage

Data Protection and Privacy

Manage Duplicate Data Privacy Settings Records with the Individual Object

Provide Your High-Volume Community Users with Access to Data Privacy Records

Discover Preferences for Consent Across Multiple Records


Find What’s Best for Your Business with Recommended AppExchange Solutions

Focus Your AppExchange Search Results with Filters

General Setup

Check a Field’s References Before You Edit It (Pilot)

Find Import and Integration Products in a New Setup Page

See Approval Requests Assigned to Your Queues in All Salesforce Experiences

Select Multiple Page Layout Assignments in macOS with Command Click

Enable Japanese Imperial Calendar in Lightning Experience

Use PATCH in Your External Service Schema

Add a Namespace Prefix to pageReference.state Properties and Query Parameters


Lightning Components: More Flexible CSP Enablement, and Settings for Faster Load Time and Improved Security


Salesforce Extensions for VS Code: Development and Live Debugging Simulations for Any Org, and New Apex Test View

Salesforce CLI: Join the Evolution

Dev Hub: Now Available in Developer Edition and Trial Orgs

Scratch Orgs: More Features and Supported Metadata Types


Create and Edit Field Sets in Lightning Experience

New Visualforce Access Metrics Fields

Securely Retrieve and Display Third-Party Images in Visualforce Pages

Improve Security by Isolating Untrusted Third-Party Content with iframes

URL Redirect Parameters Are No Longer Case-Sensitive


Get Metadata Coverage Status for More Channels, Known Issues, and Sample Scratch Org Definitions

Deploy Using REST

New Change Set Component

Metadata API


New and Changed Objects




Chatter REST API

Reports and Dashboards REST API

User Interface API

Lightning Quick Action and Salesforce Classic Publisher JavaScript APIs

Salesforce Console API


Custom Metadata Types

Reference Custom Metadata Types in Advanced Formula Fields

Instantiate Custom Metadata Types in Apex


Include Asset Files in Full Sandbox Tests


Patch Version Numbers in Unlocked Packages Are Supported

Extract Dependency Information for Unlocked Packages

More Metadata Components Are Hard-Deleted in Unlocked Packages

Enable Migration of Deprecated Metadata in Unlocked Packages

Lock Down Information During Installation of Installation-Key-Protected Unlocked Packages

Adopt Instanceless My Domain URL Best Practices

Enterprise Messaging

Scale Your Event-Based Apps with High-Volume Platform Events (Generally Available)

Receive Streaming Events in Your Lightning Component

Keep Your External Data Up to Date with Change Data Capture (Generally Available)