Enhancements to JavaScript Buttons in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

To make converting JavaScript buttons even smoother, Salesforce updated the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter. More objects are supported, the settings interface is easier, and detail page links are converted into links, not buttons.

Where: This tool is available for Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

Who: To use the JavaScript Buttons feature of the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter, you must have the Customize Application and Modify All Data user permissions and have My Domain deployed in your org.

Why: The Account, Asset, Case, Contact, Event, Lead, Opportunity, Order, and Person Account objects, and all custom objects, are supported. Select the objects that you want to scan on the updated Settings interface.

Detail page links are now converted as links instead of buttons.

How: The Lightning Experience Configuration Converter is a standalone tool that lives outside of Salesforce. We recommend that you run it in a sandbox or Developer org first, then migrate your changes to your production org. To get started, visit https://lightning-configuration.salesforce.com/ and log in with your org credentials.